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If you think all those hours you spent scrubbing, vacuuming and polishing means your home is clean, you had better think again. It doesn’t matter how spotless your living room or bedroom looks, there are disgusting things lurking in your rugs that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This is a fact and helps you understand why you need to call your rug cleaning service in Las Vegas right away.

We don’t want to overdramatize the situation, but the fact of the matter is your rugs are a hotbed for pollen, bacteria and dead skin. That’s right, we said dead skin. Go ahead, stick your face close to your Oriental rug and try to see what is lurking within.

So no matter how sparkly the tile is in your bathroom, no matter how shiny your kitchen counters, no matter how many times you washed your sheets and bed linens, you still have some serious issues with the cleanliness of your rugs. Let’s check and see what is hiding in the depths of your rugs.


Wonder why you start sneezing when you vacuum the rugs? One reason is that you are kicking up all sorts of allergens trapped in them. These allergens, like dust and pollen, are the cause of respiratory issues such as sneezing, wheezing and coughing when they get kicked up in the air and spread around.

Sure, these allergens aren’t life-threatening or anything like that, but are certainly bothersome.


These guys are small, super small, and you can’t see them, so you just have to accept the fact they are crawling all over your rugs. Dust mites are filthy little creatures that when magnified, look splendidly hideous, just like something you might see in an Alien movie. These little critter love to bury themselves deep in your rugs, where they spend their days snacking on germs, dust and your dead skin cells.

By the way, these guys also get kicked up into the air when you vacuum, you breathe them in and they cause respiratory issues.


Before you point out the fact you don’t have pets, it’s a moot point. You see, other people have pets and these people also have shoes that drag pet dander into your home when they arrive for morning tea and crumpets. So, yes, your rugs are likely full of pet dander as well.

Even if you lead a very private life and never let anybody into your house, you are guilty of tracking in pet dander every time to head to the store to buy tea and crumpets.


Mold lives everywhere, it’s not picky about its surroundings. Mold can show up on your rugs whenever you spill something and don’t properly clean it up.


Stop for a moment and consider what has been exposed to your rugs the last eight months to a year. Your sister and her baby daughter graced your presence, as did that dirty diaper she placed on the rug while changing her. You have a teenage son who sweats all the time, even in the winter, and he loves to roll around on the rugs while wrestling with the dander-shedding dog.

Do you see why you need to be calling us sooner than later?

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