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"EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE!" "To Designers, When it comes to extraordinary service then Oriental Express is who we use. They have helped us on many projects with custom specialty work like sewing 2 silk rugs together. And when we need cleaning for our client projects, they arrive on time and make us look good. PS Check out MicroSeal to protect all your fine design work!"


Creative Designer
"THEY TREAT RUGS WITH GREAT RESPECT""I buy and sell rugs from around the world. When I need them washed before I take them to auction the only one I trust is Oriental Express. They have been washing and repairing my rugs for many years now. I just had an 18th century piece washed and it looks great! They treat great rugs with the respect I expect."

Bob Ackerman

Las Vegas
"VERY BEST""This team here is the very best of the best for fine rug washing and repairs. I know that as I am a colleague from Canada and I have visited Mr. Bill Pinckard and the rest of the team many times in their studio and have witnessed their expert care. If any of my own clients move to Vegas I would recommend Bill and the team without a blink. You can trust Oriental express as well!"

Stephen DUSTY Roberts

"WOW!"" When it comes to maintaining our property at the Sterling Club, we rely on Oriental Express to keep our rugs, tapestries and furniture in excellent condition. For over 7 years you have saved us thousands by not having to replace rugs. When the head of management asked me if we could save the lobby stair rug, I called Bill. He not only cleaned and repaired the holes, but hand-colored in the bare spots. WOW! We may get a couple more years out of it. Thanks"


Head of Housekeeping, The Sterling Club at Turnberry Towers
"TRUSTED!""Dear Bill, Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the job Oriental Express did on my rugs. I was negligent in not having them cleaned before, but I could never find anyone I could trust. Then you were recommended and I’m glad I followed my friends’ advice. My rugs came alive again and so did my home."


Las Vegas Walk of Stars
"GREAT WORK!" "Thank you ORIENTAL EXPRESS!! Last year when you cleaned my rug and suggested MicroSeal fabric protection, I hesitated but took it. Then it happened: a whole pot of coffee spilled on the rug. I called you. You said, “Don’t worry, it will come out.” When my rug was returned it looked like new again."

Mary K

"EXCELLENT WORK!" "After years of using other cleaning services, I was recommended to Oriental Express, when they showed up on time and gave me a complete quit for my Perians rug and tile cleaning and said they could restore them to new like condition, my stress was gone. They completed the job and Wow! the experience was wonderful, My rug and Tile look like new again."



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