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Rug Appraisal Service

Having your Oriental or Persian rugs appraised in Las Vegas is a smart idea! Why would you want to get your rugs appraised?


In case of fire or theft, your insurance companies will ask you if you had the rug appraised for its true value or you may want to add an insurance rider based on an accurate appraisal.

Valuation for Sale, Donation, Tax or Estate Purposes
Creating Provenance

These are a few of the many reasons to have your rugs appraised. One thing, though, is certain: as a result of having a rug appraisal, you will have a greater understanding of the origin of your rug; its type, design, age, and knot count; and many fascinating insights into the world of Oriental and other fine rugs. If you need your Oriental rugs cleaned or appraised, then give us a call in Las Vegas today.

Why Rug Appraisal is Worth It

At first thought, appraising your Oriental rugs may seem like a task you’ll get to “someday.” However, rug appraisal is totally worth it in the here and now!

Verify Your Rug's Worth to Insurance Companies: Insuring Your Exotic Rug
By using our rug appraisal service, you’ll be able to verify what it’s worth to your insurance company should it be damaged in a fire or flood. After all, if you can’t prove how much it’s worth, then no insurance company will compensate you for your perceived loss.
Know Your Rug's True Value Before You Sell It: Valuation
Thinking of selling your rug? With a rug appraisal, you’ll be able to confidently and purposefully ask for a fair price if you do decide to sell, auction, or donate your Persian rug in the future. When it’s time for your estate sale and you’re liquidating assets, you’ll know exactly what your rug is worth.
Know the Origins of Where Your Rug is From: Creating Provenance
You will also be able to determine the history and origins of your Oriental rug, which will give you pride in your property and a unique piece of history to treasure in your family
Consistent in Maintaining and Caring for Your Prized Possession: Rug Cleaning
You’ll be more consistent with your Oriental rug cleaning when you know just how much your precious heirloom is worth! Especially if you want to retain its value, you’ll prioritize rug cleaning perhaps more than you did previously.

Factors Affecting Rug Appraisal

Of course, the appraisal process requires an in-depth, intricate understanding of history, culture, and technique. Here at ORIENTAL EXPRESS in Las Vegas, we have been washing Oriental rugs, tapestries, Persians carpets, and custom area rugs that most would consider priceless. While we believe the beauty of these Oriental rugs truly is priceless, we also are rug experts who can determine the value of your rug through our rug appraisal services. Read below and be sure to check out the handy infographic to help understand what determines the value of your Oriental rugs.

Knot Density: The Higher the Amount of Knots, The Higher the Value

To put it simply, Oriental rugs are worth more when they have a higher knot density, or number of knots within a certain area. This is typically per square inch in the U.S. 

To do this, your rug appraiser will turn the rug over and count the number of rows and columns of knots in an inch and then multiply the two numbers. So, as an example, let’s say there are 10 rows in an inch and 50 knots across, the KPSI (knots per square inch) would be 500. While the general rule is that the higher the KPSI, the higher the value of the rug, there are some fine rugs that will have a lower knot count due to its region, history, or style.

Age of the Rug: Antique Rugs are Worth More than Newer Rugs
Condition: The Better Condition Your Rug is in, The Higher the Value
Size, Style & Design: All Three Can Greatly Affect Your Rug Appraisal
Materials Used: Wool is the Most Common Material Used for Rugs
Country of Origin and Demand: Rarity Can Increase Value

Your Oriental Rug Source in Las Vegas

Here at Oriental Express, we’re your go-to in Las Vegas for all things Oriental rugs. We offer rug cleaning services, rug pads, rug repair, rug washing, MicroSeal™ fabric protection, and, of course, rug appraisal services. We know just how important a role your Oriental rug has in your home. With our rug appraisal services, you could learn more about its past, find out its current value, and better know how to care for it. CALL US today or Request a Free Estimate to get started with rug appraisal, Oriental rug cleaning, and more in Las Vegas.

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