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Do you have a laid back, chill swagger and would like to transfer all that is cool about you to your crib? If so, you will need to do a little more than just paint the walls of your kitchen. Orient Express, your Oriental rug cleaning service, offers ways in which you can have the hip and cool home you desire.


You need a solid foundation if you want to go cool. If there is one thing to remember when decorating or redecorating your home is that many times, less is more. For brightness and spaciousness, have a minimalistic approach and take everything out of the room that makes it look cluttered. You will be surprised at all of the stuff you take out that you don’t need or use anyway. Plus, getting rid of all of that junk will make you happier.

By definition, a cool house should have a relaxed atmosphere, kind of like a surfers personality, dude. Go with a bright color palette, a classic white will work perfectly and make your space look bigger to boot. Your furniture should also be light in color, neutrals work well, but avoid a white couch, they are impossible to keep clean.

Your cool home needs to key in plenty of sunshine, so don’t go with the dark, heavy curtains. If you have to have something covering the windows, look for lace or a veil.


Now that the walls are painted and the sunshine is beaming in, the next step is to at some raw materials. There are all types of hardwood flooring available in many styles and colors. It shouldn’t be all that difficult finding something that reflects your awesome personality. If you want to go all out cool, then don’t stop at just having hardwood flooring in the den and living room, expand it into the kitchen and bathrooms.


If you want to add a little swag to your humble home, gather up some spiffy rugs. Regardless the size of your castle, rugs are a fine way to add warmth, color, life and just a pinch of homeliness.

If you are a free-spirited person, go for the rugs with the vivid hues and funky geometrical shapes and designs. If you are a little more laid back, buy rugs that are more simple and natural.


One of the key components in decorating a cool house is in the classic or retro accessories or furniture you choose. For instance, a rattan peacock chair is an iconic piece of furniture that can be the center of attention in any room.


You cannot have a cool house without some greenery. If you don’t have a green thumb and are afraid you will only kill a ficus, palms, cacti and succulents Are all low-maintenance plants that look totally cool. Add a few palms and you could walk around with a surfboard looking like an actual surfer.

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