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An Oriental rug can really tie a room together. With a sophisticated aesthetic, the right rug can give your home an elegant charm. However, that beauty requires maintenance. Today, we’re going to discuss some tips to help you take care of your Oriental rug so it stays looking gorgeous for years to come. Need your Oriental rug cleaned? Call Oriental Express in Las Vegas to book your appointment today!


For many years, experts stated that you only needed to rotate your rug every couple of years to maintain its quality. While this can work for rugs that are in rooms that don’t see a lot of traffic if it is in a room that sees a lot of activity it is actually better to rotate it every couple of months. When you do this, it will ensure the regular wear on the rug is distributed evenly. This will keep your rug looking uniform, thus maintaining its appearance and value.


Natural light is a wonderful feature in a home, but unfortunately, it has a tendency to wreak havoc on an Oriental rug. When exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time, the dye within the rug begins to fade. If you want to prevent your rug from fading, choose a room that doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight, or block the sunlight from hitting the rug. If that isn’t possible, rotate the rug as much as you can to ensure the fading occurs uniformly across the rug.


Many Oriental rugs feature fringes around the edges, which have a tendency to get twisted and tangled up. While it might be tempting to comb these fringes to get them untangled, it’s not recommended. This is because combing the fringes can cause damage to the natural fibers of the rug. To overcome this, flip the rug end over end. This is a more natural way to straighten out the fringe. Grab one end of the carpet and walk it over to the other end, gently shaking the rug as you go.


Vacuuming a rug is one of the most important pieces of maintenance you can do to keep it looking good. This helps to remove dirt and dust that gets embedded within the rug fibers which can cause damage over time. By vacuuming, you also help prevent the fibers from being packed down from being walked over regularly. It’s recommended you turn off the vacuum’s beater bar to prevent causing runs or tears in the fibers.


Rugs aren’t known for their self-cleaning ability. This makes it vital for you to clean spills up as soon as they happen to avoid a stain from setting in. Cleaning up spills can be a bit tricky, so it’s important to be cautious so you don’t cause unintended damage. When something is spilled, dab it with a dry cloth, which will soak up the excess liquid. Once that’s done, you have to consider how you’ll finish the cleaning. It might be tempting to grab soap, bleach, or another cleaning item, but you shouldn’t, because this can cause permanent damage to the fibers of the rug. Only use water to clean stains off an Oriental rug. However, if water doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to contact a professional rug cleaner (like Oriental Express) that knows how to safely cleanse Oriental rugs of stains.


Find some padding that is the same size as your rug and place it underneath it. This will help to stabilize the rug, protect its shape, and prevent wrinkles from developing. By doing this, you improve your rug’s value while making it safer and softer to walk on when placed on a hardwood floor. You can find rug pads at many hardware stores.


You might not think about it much, but the layout of your furniture creates a pathway through the rooms of your home. Over time, the same pathway can wear down certain parts of a rug, while leaving others largely untouched. By changing up the pathways in your home every six months, you can ensure the wear is more uniform, which prevents damage and extends the lifespan of your rug.


For many years, rug owners would beat the rug as a way to clean it out. Instead, wipe the rug down with a cloth or sponge and some cold water. This will refresh the surface, removing dust and dirt from the rug, while restoring the luster of the rug fibers. Do this to breathe new life into your rug and make it look cleaner.


While many of these tips are intended to help you maintain your rug on your own, sometimes you need a bit of extra help. Because Oriental rugs can be temperamental to take care of, it’s recommended you get it cleaned by a professional that is experienced in how to handle them. By getting your rug professionally cleaned every three to five years, you can prevent dirt from building up and bring back the original appearance of the natural rug fibers. In Las Vegas, Oriental Express is your go-to source for expert rug cleaning.


When moisture is left to sit on a rug, it can cause irreparable damage through the growth of mold and mildew. Since Oriental rugs aren’t something you can just toss in the dryer when it gets wet, you need an effective way to dry it out to prevent this. Every six months, hang your rug out to dry outside for a couple of hours to reduce odor and remove moisture. It’s also a good idea to do this whenever the rug comes into contact with excessive moisture.

Taking care of an Oriental rug can be tough, but it is worth it for how great it’ll make your home look. Need some extra assistance in taking care of your rug? Call Oriental Express today to book your appointment!

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