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We all have disorderly looking things or things that are just plain ugly in our homes. It is in our nature to look at something at the store and think, “Hey, that would look good in the house.” Only to discover that it really doesn’t look as good as you thought. But then, you paid for it so you figure it’s worth keeping around. In fact, there are things in your home that you might think look good, but if you were to ask anyone, they would reluctantly disagree. There is no use denying it, you don’t always have good taste when it comes to home decor. The coffee table in the family room is a good example.

Like we stated earlier, we all have ugly things in our homes. But some of these things are necessary, they serve a purpose or have a function. For example, you have cords running throughout your home that carry electricity to lights and charge phones, but they are nevertheless ugly. Even that Oriental rug doesn’t look all that good as it is dirty and torn. Calling your Las Vegas rug repair service will have that rug looking new in no time. But what about the rest of the things in your home that look ugly?


There are any number of cords in your home that are needed, but certainly unsightly. One solution is to just buy a few more Oriental rugs and toss them over the cords. A more practical option is to hide cords under wall posters or behind furniture. Cords used to charge electronic devices can be cleverly hidden in desk drawers or in decorative boxes. In fact, there are a

In fact, there are any number of creative ways you can hide ugly cords. But if you aren’t a creative person, there are cord solutions at your local hardware store.


In our age of technology, there are any number of electronic devices plugged in around the home, like cable boxes and routers. While we would simply die without wifi or cable, the boxes themselves aren’t all that aesthetically pleasing. And covering them with Oriental rugs isn’t practical because they are too big.

The easiest way to hide your cable and internet equipment is by taking a trip to your nearest Ikea. Seriously, they have some real cool stuff there you can use to hide your equipment.

Actually, you can use the shell of a hardcover book to hide both routers and cable boxes. Those fake rock domes you use to hide things in your yard work as well.


As for all the other ugly items in your home, we suggest you start making better decisions when shopping. If you can’t do this, either hand over the decor shopping duties to another family member or seek treatment.

There is a silver lining, you have some really nice Oriental rugs, so that shows you do have good taste. But if they are dirty or need to be repaired, give us a call.

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