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We are here today to discuss a matter of some importance, something you should all know about if you own an Oriental rug or have carpet in your home. We are here to discuss the worst stains you can get on your rug or carpet. These are nasty stains that need the help of a professional rug cleaning service in Las Vegas.

But first, we thought you might like to read a few fascinating facts about Oriental and Persian rugs, you know, just to whet your appetite.

Oriental and Persian rugs are often referred to interchangeably, but they are different. Oriental rugs are hand-knotted in Iran, Asia, India, China, Turkey, Russia Pakistan Turkey and Nepal while Persian rugs are crafted by individuals in Iran, which was formerly known as Persia.

Persian rugs can be identified by their thick pile, which us up to 200 knots per square inch for an average rug and 1,500 for a quality rug.

Rugs that are termed Persian design or Oriental style are not the real deal and have likely been loomed by a machine. True Oriental and Persian rugs are hand-knotted.

Any rug that has been hand-knotted will have irregularities in the design or pattern, we are human and therefore fallible.

Now, if you have a Persian or Oriental rug, you will want to keep the following items far away as they can stain.


Many wine drinkers are all too familiar with wine stains as they have no doubt ruined a shirt or other piece of clothing. Wine and grape juice seeps deep into carpet fibers very quickly and their dark colors can cause permanent damage. If you drink wine, you want to be extra careful around rugs and carpet.


You through a party and are amazed that nobody spilled wine on your carpet, then you wake up in the morning only to drop your cup of coffee on your rug. Coffee stains are another nuisance to have to deal with. Coffee leaves unsightly yellow and brown stains and can be a bit tricky to remove. Better give us a call!


Not that it happens often, but every once in awhile, you have an incident with a pen and ink flies everywhere. If it is not cleaned right, ink can ruin your carpet or rug.


The problem with blood is that when it gets on a carpet or rug, the first reaction isn’t to get it cleaned up fast. No sir, you are too busy dealing with whatever caused the blood on the carpet in the first place. It is only after you have stitched up your finger that you focus on the blood stain on the carpet and by then it has probably already dried. That’s alright, give us a call and we can help.


There are any number of fluids that come from the body that can stain your carpet as well. In addition to leaving an unsightly stain, these fluids can also leave a persistent odor. If you don’t want to deal with it, give us a call.

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