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Area rugs can be used as an interesting theme to decor your home. Rugs come in many shapes, sizes, colors and patterns and can fit into any type of theme a room might have. Rugs can be used in any rooms, between rooms and near entryways to create a visual statement of grace. If you have a beautiful rug that has suffered damage, utilize your Las Vegas rug repair company so you can once again use it as an accessory.

Rugs are key when accessorizing your home. However, you will need more than just a few rugs to give your home the look you desire. Here are a few tips for accessorizing your home.


One of the arts of accessorizing is grouping like objects together in odd numbers and varying sizes as studies have shown that to be more pleasing to the eye. A good example is candles. It is more pleasing to the eye to place seven candles of varying size on a table as opposed to four candles of the same height.

The same holds true for, say, pillows on a couch. That is, three or five pillow of different sizes looks much better than two or four pillows all the same size.


Harmony is another aspect to consider in the art of accessorizing. But keep in mind that while accessorizing with items that match is pretty safe, it can be rather boring. For example, grouping matching vases is a safe bet, but really looks dull and unimaginative.

However, the objects that you do place together should have at least something in common, whether that be color, theme, shape, texture or some other unifying element.


Every item you have in a particular room has what is called a visual weight. Visual weight refers to the weight an item appears to have, not at all associated with how much it actually weighs.

Visual weight comes from textures, designs, color and the shape of any given object. For example, a black vase has more visual weight than a white vase. You will want a balance of visual weight in any given room. That is, you don’t want accessories that are all too heavy or too light, mix it up.


Before you begin accessorizing any room, start by locating the focal point. For example, in a living room, this might be the fireplace, for a bedroom, it might be the bed.

If there is no focal point, create one of your own. You could find a great piece of art or a large clock to become the focal point. Once you have a focal point, it is easier to find accessories that work best.


Balance your accessories throughout the room, don’t place everything on one side. This holds true with colors as well, scatter colors around the room to create visual movement.

Scale refers to the size of an item in relation to the room. Scale and proportion are important when accessorizing. Several small items grouped together might look fine up close, but from a distance will just look like clutter.

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