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Oriental rugs add elegance to any space and their unique character makes them stand out compared to machine-made rugs. But if you already own an Oriental rug, this is not news to you. In fact, every time you have your Oriental rug cleaning service in Las Vegas clean your rug, you fall in love with it all over again. But if you don’t own an Oriental rug, this is new to you and possibly quite intriguing. If you are now considering buying an Oriental rug, here are a few reasons why it is a good idea.

Last Forever

Well, forever might be a bit of an exaggeration, but your Oriental rug will outlast you in all likelihood. The high-quality construction of Oriental rugs not only makes them a great value, but it makes them a durable good that will last you a very long time. You certainly can’t say that about your machine-made rugs.

In Style, Always

Unlike funky styles and designs that come and go, your Oriental rug will always remain in style. In many ways, an Oriental rug is like a pair of quality blue jeans; they never go out of style and they look good on whatever they cover.

Your Oriental rug looked great when you bought it in the 1970s when avocado shag carpeting covered new homes, it looked good in the 1980s when all your furniture was a soft pastel color and it will look good with whatever home style trends next.

Well Made

Oriental rugs are very well made and will last a long time. This is because they aren’t prone to ripping or tearing and will hold up to plenty of abuse.

Great Investment

If properly cared for and cleaned regularly, your Oriental rug will most likely accrue in value over time. And once your Oriental rug has reached a certain age, it could qualify for antique status and its value will surely increase. Having a valuable Oriental rug in your possession is an impressive bargaining chip should you ever decide to sell it.

They Are Soft

Unlike machine-made, synthetic rugs, Oriental rugs are soft to the touch and will remain plush as long as it is well-cared for. High-quality Oriental rugs are made from wool, some are even made from a silk blend, which gives it the softness you desire.

They Have A History

Unlike mass-produced rugs, your Oriental rug is unique and tells a story. Oriental rugs have a history that is interesting and rich. Each rug has deep roots and stories from the people who made it and the meaning behind the colors and symbols.

Status Symbol

Any visitor in your home will recognize and appreciate your Oriental rug. By displaying an Oriental rug in your home, you are declaring your respect to quality and design. Your Oriental rug will impress and awe guests for years to come.


Your Oriental rug will look just as good in the den as it does in the bedroom. Any room you place your Oriental rug will light up.

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