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Spring is almost upon us and you need to prepare yourself for the annual tidying up of the house. And while you will call on a Las Vegas rug cleaning service to clean your Persian or Oriental rugs, the rest of the spring cleaning chores will be performed by you. You have a list of what needs to be cleaned this spring, but don’t forget these often-overlooked rooms, areas and spots.


Take a close look at your ceiling fans and you will notice they have a thick layer of dust on them, really thick layer if you haven’t cleaned them this winter. In fact, you will be horrified to discover just how dirty the top of your ceiling fan is. You will need more than just a duster to complete this job.

Make sure the fan is off, for obvious reasons, grab a step stool or ladder and use a damp cloth with a little bit of spray cleaner and wipe down the blades and the actual unit.


Remove all of the contents from your kitchen cabinets and drawers and use a spray cleaner to give everything a good wipe down. Again, you will be surprised at the stuff you will find and probably grossed out a little as well. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to sort through your inventory of ketchup packets, chopsticks and duplicate menus and toss what is bad or no longer needed.

You want to fill the sink and wash any dishware or glasses that have been on the bottom of the pile or shoved to the back of a cupboard and has collected dust. You can also check your dry goods, canned goods and spices to see what has expired and needs to be thrown away.


The first step is to pull everything from the refrigerator and freezer and toss what is no longer usual, like the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving that is still lurking in deep freeze. Pull all the draws and any else that can be removed from your refrigerator and wash those in the sink. Wipe down entire refrigerator top to bottom and put everything back.


Cleaning a radiator is a dusty, dirty job, but it needs to be done anyway. The key to getting your radiator clean is to go the hardware store and get a radiator brush.


We are sure your garage is stuffed with shoes, bags and dirty equipment from last summer that you have yet to clean. Springtime is the ideal time to clean out your garage, put away the winter items you won’t be using for awhile and making sure you have easy access to the lawnmower and other tools you will be using all summer.


Don’t forget about your car, it needs a good spring cleaning as well. Take the time to pull all of the items from your car and truck, sort through them and put away the winter items you won’t be needing until October. Then vacuum it all out and wipe down the interior.

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