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The walls of your home are blank and flat and it makes you feel like they are closing in on you. You set out to buy a few pictures and other items to put on your walls, but now you have a jumbled mess of junky looking frames and weird, trendy knickknacks that don’t give any sense of what you are trying to achieve. Basically, the decor you have on your walls really doesn’t pull any of the rooms together, like a sweet Oriental rug does.

In fact, your Oriental rug looks as good as ever since you called Oriental Express, your Las Vegas rug cleaning service, and had it professional cleaned and repaired.

Besides the Oriental rug, you own decent enough looking furniture and the colors you have chosen to paint the walls are nice enough, yet your home needs something more than cheap pictures to make it stand out and look good. What you need is some decent art, and here are a few reasons why.


That print you bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond was mass produced, and it is highly likely at least six people in your neighborhood have the very same one hanging in their home. That hardly makes your copy anything remotely close to unique.

But if you go out and purchase a painting from an artist, you will be hanging something on your wall that is very unique. This is not to say you need to spend thousands of dollars on a painting by a well-known artist, there are plenty of lesser-known artists around with totally affordable artwork that looks just as good and is just as unique.


The print with the dogs playing poker might draw a laugh or two from your buddies, but it hardly gives your home any soul. You see, art, real art, can raise emotions, feelings and associations, it will give your home soul.

Your home is a very special place and you want it to represent who you are. A print with dogs playing poker cannot rise to this occasion. When you have original artwork on your walls, your home not only enlightens you, but your guests as well.


When you buy original artwork, you are supporting the artist behind the piece and providing them the necessities to make a living practicing their craft. You will also have a personal connection between you, the artist and the piece of art.


Any piece of art you buy at the retail shops will go down in value. But if you buy original artwork from an artist, there is a pretty good chance it could increase in value over time. This isn’t always the case, but if you are lucky, the piece could skyrocket. Something you pay a few hundred dollars for could wind up being valued at tens of thousands of dollars several years down the road.

Lastly, you will certainly want something other than cheesy prints from Bed, Bath and Beyond hanging over your Oriental rug.

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