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Rugs are often the overlooked element in decorating. In fact, they are often the last piece of furnishings that people buy and sometimes they are forgotten altogether. But a rug can be as important as your leather couch, gingham curtains and Royal Doulton hand-painted periwinkle tea cup collection you proudly display in your hutch. Heck, even the Dude knew how critical a rug is to home decor.

Why are rugs so important? Well, besides tying a room together, they can help ground a room. Without a rug, chairs, couches and other pieces of furniture are unconnected and seem to just float about the room. A good rug can be used to anchor the space, visually gathering the elements of a room together. Pretty heavy stuff, man. No, not the rug, the concept. Your Oriental rug cleaning service in Las Vegas offers reasons you need to invest in rugs.


A rug adds visual interest to any room. With the right rug, you can interject color, textures and patterns into what would otherwise be dull and bland spaces. Because let’s face some facts; without a rug, the most colorful and patterned decor in your dining room is the Royal Doulton hand-painted periwinkle tea cups. And those tea cups hardly tie the room together.


A rug is highly visible and will be one of the first things guests will see as they tour your home, so you want them to show off your personality. A unique Oriental or Persian rug is a great way to bring your guests a warm welcome and show off just a tiny bit of your personality. If anything else, a nice rug is a talking point, a great way to start off a conversation.


A classic rug is unique and stylish, offering a touch of elegance in whichever room it graces. An elegant rug says a lot about your style and uniqueness as well.

When shopping for a rug is more than just climbing into your SUV and driving to World Market. The first thing you need to do is read and understand the do’s and don’ts of rugs.

  • Don’t skimp on size. One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a rug is getting one that is too small. In the world of rugs, bigger is better.
  • Do make sure that your rug extends under all of the key pieces of furniture is a room. It just plain looks silly if your rug reaches under the chair and couch but not the coffee table.
  • Do your best to have the rug centered in the room. If your rug is too far to the left or too far to the right, it just plain looks silly.
    Don’t be afraid of vivid colors and funky patterns and designs. Your rug should inject playfulness and fun. And when you get tired of it, swap it out for another rug full of playfulness and fun.
  • Don’t buy an expensive rug to put in the mudroom or kid’s room. You don’t want to fork out a lot of money on a rug that will be muddied, spilled on or otherwise dirtied.

Finally, there are any number of practical reasons you want to place rugs in your home. For one, they help dampen sound. You don’t want the sound of people’s voices bouncing about the room, it gets really annoying. If you have hardwood floors, you know exactly what we are talking about.

Rugs are much warmer and more comfortable on the feet. Walking on hardwood floors or tile in the winter sends chills throughout your body. Keep your feet warm with a rug underneath them.

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