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Believe us, there are no shortages of reasons you need to have your rug cleaned or repaired. But regardless of the situation, we have a solution to the problem. Whether it’s a really nasty looking stain or the dog took a bite out of your rug, we have seen it and we can help. Let’s take a look at some of the stains Oriental Express, your Las Vegas rug repair and cleaning service, has seen over our long history.


Why does it seem like nobody ever just spills a glass of water on the Oriental rug? No, it’s always coffee, wine or cranberry juice, three of the worst kind of stains you can have on a rug. These drinks, when spilled on your rug, create an interpretive work of art on your rug. Unfortunately, you don’t want your Oriental or Persian rug looking like something Jackson Pollock painted. We get it, that’s why we will have it looking like a rug again as soon as possible.


Ink can be very hard to remove from a rug. It’s a good thing that most modern inks are water soluble. There must be some younger rug owners out there wondering who uses ink to write these days. We have news for you, some people still write the old fashioned way; with a pen and paper. Unfortunately, when using a pen, there is the possibility of a leak or other cause that ends with ink on your rug. That’s when you call us.


This one is all too easy to blame on the kids. But the truth is adults are just as guilty of dropping food n the rug as kids. In fact, some are worse. Remember that time your aunt dropped an entire lasagna on the rug as she was bringing it to the table? We can’t replace your lasagna, but we can get the stains out of your rug.


Mud from your shoes or the dog’s paws can work its way into the fibers of your rug and cause damage. Lucky for you, we know how to get the mud out of your carpet, but we can’t teach Fido to wipe his feet when he comes inside.


Pet accidents do happen and when they do, they can leave some pretty nasty stains. Give us a call and in no time we can have your rug clean and looking brand new. It will look so good that you will forgive Fido and let him finish off the lasagna that was dropped on the rug.


Mold happens and it can not only be an eyesore, it can cause damage to your rug. It’s a good thing we know the proper techniques for getting mold out of rugs.


If your rug is looking rather lackluster, it could be because it has a buildup of dust. But not to worry, we can have it looking shiny and bright once again.

If you need your Oriental or Persian rug cleaned, contact Oriental Express.

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